Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scientific visualizations (inspiration, process)

Looking at lots of animations and illustrations showing molecular processes these days, getting ready for creating the choreography for my new work, "Break it Down".

Ever since watching microbiologist Janet Isawa's TED talk a couple of months ago, I've been checking out her impressive body of work online (, too.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Invisibilia (inspiration, process)

There's a really interesting new program on NPR, "Invisibilia." I listened to the first episode, "The Secret History of Thoughts," which covered many things I've been thinking about recently.

"Invisibilia is a series about the invisible forces that shape human behavior. The show interweaves personal stories with scientific research that will make you see your own life differently."

Gathering momentum, ideas and participants for new work ("Break it Down", work-in-progress, 2015)

Gathering momentum, ideas and participants at the "Break it Down" workshop on January 5th (TANZRAUM in W├╝rzburg).