Thursday, September 18, 2014

John Bohannon and Black Label Movement (inspiration, process)

John Bohannon and Black Label Movement have also created another great performance-lecture, "Let's talk about sex." I love this way of thinking and working.

"What would you tell your younger self about sex if you could? (Starting with the big question: Why does it exist in the first place?) Mixing talk and dance, John Bohannon and Black Label Movement explore why sex exists -- and implore adults to talk honestly to the kids in their lives about the confusion and joy of human sexuality."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dance vs. PowerPoint (inspiration, process)

This really inspires me right now — thinking about how to communicate complex topics, involve a group of people (i.e. in my next big project...).

John Bohanon: "The piece changed drastically over the course of its creation. As I got to know the dancers and see how they struggled to make ends meet, especially when injuries occur without healthcare coverage, my mood darkened. What began as a small piece of optimistic theater about science turned into a satire about the status of artists in the US. As inspiration, I looked back to Jonathan Swift’s 1729 essay, “A Modest Proposal,” It was a masterpiece of political satire that proposed a seemingly rational solution to the problem of the poor in Ireland: They should sell their babies as food, generating much-needed income and reducing their population in one stroke. It was a reply to some of the brutal utilitarian policies being discussed at the time by the aristocracy. Where you hear antique language in my presentation, I am quoting Swift verbatim."