Thursday, December 18, 2014

Slowing down to really see what's happening (inspiration, process)

I watched this TED talk about a Norwegian television experiment, a series of real-time documentary experiments they're now calling "Slow TV," and it reminded me how fantastic it is when we are given the opportunity to watch something happening, to watch a process unfolding--something I've been interested in for decades, ever since I moved my practice out of the studio and into the "real world."

I haven't been able to watch any of these live on television, but I have enjoyed watching some of the 8-hour process "from sheep to sweater" (NRK TV National Knitting Eve).

"Break it Down" (work-in-progress, 2014)

Where I am working and whom I'm working with (to create the new piece, "Break it Down"):
Rudolf Virchow Zentrum 
in Würzburg
Sonja Lorenz
at the Rudolf Virchow Zentrum
Jugendkirche Würzburg
Tanzraum Würzburg

"Break it Down" (work-in-progress, 2014)

People I'm lucky to be working with on my new project, "Break it Down":
Young roDDie
Lisa Kuttner Tanzraum Würzburg
Andrea Kneis
Alexander Pollner
Dancefloor Destruction Crew
Michael Lamprecht
Dancefloor Destruction Crew

Visualization, using animation to help test hypotheses (inspiration, process)

This TED talk by Janet Iwasa  is really great, it deals with something I'm working with for my new project: visualizations of what is happening at the molecular level in our bodies right now, all the time.

Molecular biologists can't always see what they are investigating, but they can imagine it and create visualizations to test their hypotheses. This is really inspiring to me right now, and is forming the base for my new work, "Break it Down" (working title).